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I get more time to run my business using Nexus Insight as my polymer supplier

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The small business owner managers' Nexus Insight becomes embodied into their business, as another pair of hands. For larger plastics companies we act as extension to their purchasing department. In all cases, free up you time, give us the purchasing responsibilities.

We have a unique way of working, specially designed to suit everyone who deals with Nexus Insight, which sets us apart from any other distribution business. Individual expertise, consistent customer contact, speed of response and industry knowledge ultimately means constant reliability and excellent pricing, making us different.

Nexus Insight has global contacts, finding the odd bag of material or a full truck load at the right price. We supply many of the best materials available in the plastics industry at the right prices. Give us a call today, to find out exactly how we can help your business. You can be assured of a positive and quality service.

Above all, we know that price and availability makes your business more efficient. Due to open and strong supply partnerships Nexus Insight can be flexible to suit our business needs; making us both integral and indispensable in your supply chain.

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News about Plasclamp


Everybody knows a metal "Jubilee Clip". However, here is the polymer version operating on a Mercedes engine for over two years. Nexus Insight helped with design and material selection, Radici's Radilon D HSW 105M, a nylon 6.10 with very high mositure and chemical resistance with a continous working temperature of 130 degree C. The clamp design became finite, the smallest detail affected performance. Nexus Insight supported this project financially, technically and with material selection.

News about Cable Separator Products


A recent rail client challenged Nexus Insight to help solve a complex cabling problem. Their solutions were equally as complicated and expensive. Nexus Insight came up with a cost effective and practical solution to their problem.

One and a half kilometres worth of these products have now been installed on the rail network.

One of the engineers involved said of the solution "It's not what you know it's who you know"